Live music is evolving.
I am captivated by the evolving nature of live music events. I write reviews and previews of music festivals and other events in the Florida area, and features on specific people and organizations at the forefront of this developing culture.

Live music events are moving beyond the traditional paradigm of performer vs. spectator. Musicians, performers, visual artists, and others are coming together to create something entirely new and necessary. In the process, messages of hope and peace, and calls to action are being delivered at these mass gatherings. 
Music festivals are encouraging interaction with nature and each other, teaching us to develop compassion and empathy, inspiring us to make a difference in our communities, and opening our eyes to all kinds of possibilities. Local artists are helping to spread these messages as well, keeping us uplifted between times of collaborative celebration. 
Live Music Is Evolving is here to shine a light on this transformation of music culture and facilitate discussion on how we can harness this change to promote a positive shift in consciousness in our world. 
- Thandiwe  
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Music can change the world. 
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