New Section! Shout-out of the Week: Oldboy & Galactic

This week's shout-out includes one from last week. I attended my first event at Firestone Live, the home of a weekly all-out dance "music festival" in downtown Orlando, last Thursday. The venue touts four stages, although I was only able to locate three, with different DJs on each stage.

Le Castle Vania
Last Thursday's headliner was Le Castle Vania, with whom I was mainly unimpressed — probably because I'm just not that into electro house — but I did really enjoy one of the acts featured on a side stage, Oldboy ( I'm all about drum and bass, so this guy had me hopping around (you know that DnB dance). Take a second and check out some of his mixes on Soundcloud, or come see him at this event.

I'd also like to shout-out Galactic (, one of my favorite funk ensembles, that I had the pleasure of seeing Wednesday night at The Plaza Live, as part of its Carnivale Electricos Tour. The venue, a redesigned two-screen movie theater first constructed in 1963, was a perfect host for the big sounds of Galactic. A high ceiling, wide-open dance floor, and blacked out house (excluding the stage lights, which were incredible) made the band the true focus. And it deserved the attention. Featuring vocalist Corey Glover, horns, keys, bass, guitar, and drums, Galactic rocked the house and my socks (even though I wasn't wearing any). Click here to buy the album and other merch.


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