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Getting to outer space can be a little tricky these days. The last shuttle has flown and private space travel is still too expensive for my tastes. But there is an alternative. If you can’t make it to the moon, try making it to Pink Moon Festival, a funky and fun four-day festival in Rock Camp, West Virginia.

Held this year from Sept. 15 to 18, Pink Moon promises a great experience, with fantastic regional acts, as well as a Saturday night headliner that’s sure to deliver. Nestled away in the mountains, it has the secluded, private feel I’ve come to love in festivals, far different from the mega-fest that is Wakarusa, which I wrote about earlier this year. When you’re there, you really get that sense of escape from the everyday, a feeling of release and relaxation, and, of course, that soothing mountain air.

I emailed Seth Abramson and Jessica Mola, who head up Rock Camp Productions – the hand behind the wonder that is Pink Moon – about what we can expect for this year. Here’s what they had to say:

What makes Pink Moon special?

Pink Moon has developed from the culmination of years of festival tours as Rock Camp Productions. Our signature glowing puppets and fog breathing dragon have been coast to coast broadcasting good vibes and become a mainstay and expected element of most major American music and arts festivals. Through our travels we've learned a great deal about festival production … and we've taken all the wisdom, all the great people we've met along the way, and everything else we've learned together for this holistically and socially motivated festival. Pink Moon is a tribute to [Seth]’s late mother, Linda Lee "Pinky" Testerman and all those bright souls who have passed.

Tell me a little more about Pinky.

Pinky was the embodiment of "Wild and Wonderful!" Born and raised in West Virginia … she spent most of her life running the Rock Camp Store about two miles from her mountain home which is now the site of Pink Moon. Just after high school, during the "Summer of Love," Pinky made a pilgrimage with her closest friends to San Francisco. After some time she returned home and opened a health-food store in Rock Camp called "The Way Back." Later she moved up north with her then-husband to raise Seth and his sister. After the kids grew up a little, she returned to Rock Camp and opened "The Rock Camp Store." Her store was notorious for unusually good local music and a homey atmosphere where all were welcome. Throughout his college experience Seth often returned for seasons at a time to help his mother maintain and operate the old family store. Pinky made a point of visiting her son and seeing his world, from Trinity College, to Gathering of the Vibes, to the backstage of the underground nightclub scene in NYC. In fact the last time Seth saw his mother, they were on site and booked at GOTV '06. When Seth asked if that was the biggest festival Pinky had ever been to, she replied: "No ... the one with Jimmy Hendrix was way bigger!"

Pinky remained a party girl, and her heart of gold continued to shine until an unfortunate ATV accident cut her time short in 2006. A cancer survivor, Pinky was very clear that in the event of her passing she was not to be mourned, but rather her life celebrated. This is the essence of Pink Moon … a celebration of life, love, music, and family. A party for mom, which as always, is a party for everyone! 

What's new this year?

This year we have done extensive work to build out the facility. This year Pink Moon will have a specially designed "Shangri-la" Vending and Activity Village. Shangri-la incorporates a variety of exotic crafts, art installations, a special stage, and a variety of interactive activities. The [enhanced] black light mini golf course was originally designed by Jamie Bernstein, who will be playing again this year with local folk band Moonshine Logik.

In special honor of Pinky's Birthday (Sept 16) we're having a very special "Grateful Dead Family Friday." Regional Dead cover band, The Kind, one of Pinky's favorite acts to go see, will open for The Donna Jean Godchaux Band featuring Jeff Mattson (the lead guitarist from Dark Star Orchestra). Donna Jean was a seminal member of the Grateful Dead from 1972-79 and the Jerry Garcia Band from 1976-78, and we are very excited to have her rocking out on our main stage. Keep an eye out, all night long, for our signature dancing bear mascots!

Will car camping still be allowed?

Yes, there will be car camping as long as space is available. There will be a $10/car fee, except for carpools of three or more people.

            As you can see, this is shaping up to be a really great event. You don’t want to miss out! As someone who was there last year, I highly recommend anyone with even the slightest interest in going check it out; I promise, you won’t regret it. 

EOTO performs at Pink Moon II
           For more information on the awesome lineup, a schedule, ticket prices and more, visit or find it on Facebook. For every ticket purchased, $1 goes to Jerry Garcia’s charity, The Rex Foundation, so you can party while helping a good cause. See you on the moon, the Pink Moon, that is!

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