Legend of Zelda Themed Event: Fun but Flawed

            Okay. Let me start by saying I know very little (meaning nothing) about Zelda, so please forgive me if I don’t mention it enough here. Also, this review has been a long time coming, so I apologize for my lateness.

            What I do know, though, are events, and this event was fun, but left a little to be desired. I came late to the party (around 11 p.m.), and one of the first things I noticed was the lack of dancing. I don’t mean to say that no one was dancing, but I got more of a house party vibe then a dance party vibe. People were standing around in small groupschit-chatting, bobbingbut I saw very little full-on dancing. Now, I’m a dancer, so of course I got my groove on anyway, but I would have liked to see more people getting down and dirty.

            By no means is this the fault of the organizers or promoters of the event. People dance or they don’t, and there are many factors that can go into this: ambience, comfort with the venue, familiarity with others in the crowd, quality of the music, etc. Hence follows a run-down of my thoughts on each of these factors.

Ambience: The venue looked great. Production company Dancing Zombies (facebook.com/DancingZombiesFanPage) had been brought in to light up the place, and it provided visuals over projectors as well as other lighting elements. The venue itself had some interesting lighting effects built in, as well as a few (seemingly random) fish tanks. It was cool. I was told there had been an acrobat in attendance who had to leave before I arrived, but there were plenty of people with glow toys to make up for her absence. There was maybe a total of three people dressed in costume.

Comfort with the venue: From what I understand, Boss Ultra Lounge (the venue in question) is not usually a raver’s choice. Anthony Bowman, the owner of promoting company The K.O.P.S (facebook.com/KidsOnPartyStatus), informed me that he chose the venue because of an amicable meeting with the owner.

I am new to the Orlando scene, but I know, from personal experience, that there can be a level of discomfort felt when attending a show at a venue one does not normally frequent. But, like I said before, I’m a dancer so it doesn’t really matter where I am.

Backlighting on the bar (It changed colors!)
Familiarity: This event seemed to have brought together several disparate groups of people. I recognized a few from my attendance at Tuesday night spin sessions at the Red Lion Pub. But most people seemed to be clinging to others they knew (or the usual roamers). That’s all well and good, but doesn’t make for much dancing. Especially considering the—

Quality of music: I don’t want to DJ bash here, but I was mostly unimpressed. Like I’ve said twice before, I danced. But only because I always dance, not because the DJs had me on my feet. Maybe I’m just spoiled, coming from Blacksburg where almost every DJ was my friend and played tracks I knew or wanted to know (see I LOVE EDM!!). Either way, I wanted better tunes. Even the headliner of the evening, Dope Arcade (facebook.com/dopearcade), left me wanting more.

            Let me hedge all of this by repeating, I am new to the area, so my judgments may be skewed. I won’t say I didn’t have fun, because I did. At one point, I found myself with an LED hoop surrounded by a semicircle of party-goers. The energy picked up later in the night, but there still could have been more.

AJ Hege Photography (ajhege.com)
            Bowman, who has been producing events in the Orlando area for about 2 years, is excited about bringing costume parties to Orlando. He has been inspired by themed events he attended while living in South Florida. This event was subtitled “Level 1,” and Bowman informed me there will be other similar, but differently themed, events in the future. I think there is potential here, but some kinks need to be worked out. Perhaps, a theme that inspires more common ground, like a luau or disco? But what do I know?

            I did spot a unique vendor tucked away near the bathrooms. Artist John Hex Carter was showing off an assortment of bead art inspired by video game characters. I’m not into video games, but I do appreciate dedication to one’s work, and that’s what I saw. Take a second and check him out, and then maybe I’ll seem like less of a hater. 
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