Shout-out of the Week: No Depression Blog Contest

UPDATE: I won the contest! I will be representing No Depression at this year's Wakarusa! What a great opportunity! I am so honored to have been chosen. I feel like the universe is smiling on me. 

I know I missed my shout-out last week, but things were a little stressful after what turned out to be a not-so-fun evening in Tampa. But, anyway, I'm back on track now.

And I have some exciting news! Today I entered a contest to be +No Depression's official blogger for Wakarusa 2013. No Depression is a print magazine turned blog community that focuses on roots-rock Americana. It would be such an honor and dream-come-true to be chosen! It's basically why I do what I do.

Being a music writer gives me the place to express all the wonder I feel at what happens in the music scene. Yes, there are some shady sides and sketchy characters, but in the end, music is an amazing tool that we have to share with and change the world. Writing about it gives me a chance to feel like a part of that change.

You can read my entry into the contest here. You can also read the review I wrote of Wakarusa 2011, the oldest post on this blog.


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