Wakarusa Music Festival: Day 4

The last day of the festival is always hard, especially when you feel like you've just gotten started. Luckily, the rain held out for us another day and we got to have our "last hurrah."

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I had high hopes for Sunday. Saturday felt like the first day we didn't spend trapped in the car, and Sunday was only going to be better. Scheduled performances by some of my current favorites, plus a seemingly out-of-place appearance by Snoop Lion, had me feeling optimistic. Of course, I also felt some last day jitters—that creeping sadness that comes in anticipation of parting company with your weekend home and family.
Press conference 
A late night left me sluggish in the morning, so I didn't get moving 'til the afternoon. I stopped into a press conference with Marley D. Williams of Rebelution, J Bratlie of Dirtfoot, and two members of Quixotic. Dirtfoot was back for its seventh year at Wakarusa and had played a set on Saturday.

The rest of the day seemed to move so quickly, as time has a way of doing when enjoyed. The weather was a little cool, but I was just grateful to not be rained on. The sun had significantly tempered the muck, but some spots were still slippery and there were holes everywhere. I'd seen several people fall throughout the weekend, and Sunday was no exception.

We all tried to make the best of our last day. Even though the festival had been quite the unexpected experience, we'd survived and were closer for it. We had so many stories to tell and had shared countless laughs. This was a weekend we wouldn't soon forget.
Dome structure
My festival wrapped up with shows by The Polish Ambassador, Snoop Lion, Gramatik, Amon Tobin, and EOTO. Even though my toes were numb and my legs were stiff, I still grooved and boogied through the night.

After four days of dancing, I was exhausted and got to my tent to be ready to pack up in the morning. It would soon be time to again say goodbye to Mulberry Mountain and all its goodness.
Wakarusa ferris wheel

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