Gratifly Music Festival: Day 3

I took it easy on Day 3, recovering from Thursday and Friday and preparing for the final day. I did, however, get in some good hoop time and see plenty of fantastic music.

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Random Rab plays through sunrise. I wake up and am surrounded by people still partying like sleep is a figment of their imaginations. I go back to the tent to catch some warmth and some Zs. Day 3 is here.

Throughout the entirety of this festival, I have found myself wanting to wander, to stumble into new and exciting things, and Gratifly has more than delivered. There are so many things to do and see; I am engulfed in the magic. 
Music is Love.
This is the dawning of the East Coast transformational festival. An all-encompassing experience that stimulates the mind, body, soul, and spirit. It really isn’t just about the music. Performances are intentionally delayed until the late afternoon each day to allow for attendance at the many workshops and talks. We are all destined to learn something this weekend, as long as we are open to it.

Hoop icon Baxter leads a hoop dance class and shows us all how to “sway,” freeing up our arms and our energy to truly flow with the hoop. We then learn how to be hoop ninjas and how to smooth out our tosses. Though simple tools, they are powerful and won’t soon be forgotten.

Cooling off in the jelly dome that doubles as a giant mister, I take in all the movement and flow around me. There is something about the manipulation of the body and prop that is truly beautiful, and I will find myself getting lost in fire dances and acrobatics again tonight.
Prop manipulation at the Gratitude Stage
Some notable musical performances include Kalya Scintilla, EsKmo, The Werks, and many others whose names I have yet to learn. When you are open to the festival flow, you find yourself stumbling into different artists at different stages, sometimes without even knowing who is performing.

I’m off to bed early tonight (if you can call 1 a.m. early) in order to make the best of my last day. I want to get in several workshops and my usual Sunday drum circle. I’m sad to even think about the last day, but every good thing must come to an end. However, in this case, I get to carry Gratifly gratitude in my heart forever.

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