What Rootwire 2K13 Taught Me

An angel in the nest

The Flower of Life teaches us that all is connected, that each is a whole while also being part of the whole, with the capability of being finite and infinite all at once. The Tree of Life teaches us that though we are rooted in the earth, we are wired to reach for the heavens, to reach for a higher understanding and consciousness.

Rootwire 2K13 served as a platform for the learning of these lessons and many more. The intention that went into planning this event was apparent from the moment I arrived on the property early Thursday afternoon. Met with smiling faces and open hearts, the cares I had been carrying were immediately dissolved, made known as illusions that only serve to separate me from bliss.

I’d like to touch most on the incredible people that showed me over the weekend what it means to be full in one’s destiny and purpose. From musicians, to performers, to staff, to volunteers, to attendees, every moment I was blessed to encounter people living truly in light and sharing that light with others, so as to show them what is indeed possible, what world we are capable of creating. All that is necessary is for us to stop limiting ourselves and realize the boundless Spirit that lies within.

They make it seem so effortless, but we know that it is a journey, and most certainly a rocky one. We that have embarked upon it know that there is no shortcut, no easy way. We are required to dig deep, for what has been buried under centuries of distortion is not easily uncovered; such a precious gem is not easily found.

And for those who have not yet begun their journey, whether it be out of fear, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration, or a feeling of unworthiness, I urge you to reconsider. There is nothing so blessed as a life lived with purpose, with hope, strength, and beauty, with wonder and excitement. The day-to-day of this world has a tendency to wear us down, but we are built to rise above it all and live fully and openly, in love.

That is the greatest lesson I received at Rootwire, that nothing can hold me down; I am light and light penetrates all things, being the only remedy for darkness. Never can I be defeated — unless I allow it — because nothing is stronger than the seed of love that I carry within myself. And the greatest gift I can give is to show others how they too can tap into that light and be a blessing in a world that oft seems forsaken.

Grateful to be with all you beautiful people.

But God is with us, God is within us. We can make the heavens dance and rain down miracles. We can heal our world. We can heal each other. We can be love that surpasses all understanding.

So my heart offers a hug and a great big thanks to everyone who made this event possible, to Papadosio for having the vision to create it, and to all of the people who came together to bring magic to Knaepper’s Woods this past weekend. Thank you for showing me the way home.

View photos from this event.

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