"Play Me, I'm Yours": The Story of Everyone's Piano

Inspired by the 75 street pianos that were deposited around Boston from Sept. 27 – Oct. 14, Everyone's Piano has made its way into the hearts of the patrons of the Red Lion Pub in Winter Park, Fla., and the surrounding area. The piano sits outside of the pub and is available for anyone to play, including local students.

Red Lion Pub, Winter Park, Fla.
The transformation begins. See more photos here.
Rosemarie Ryan, the proprietor of the Red Lion Pub, has spearheaded the effort to procure the piano and offer it as a gift to the community. Though it has received a mainly warm response, some have seen the piano as a blight that need be removed, involving the county government in a seemingly innocent situation.

I spoke with Ryan on Sunday, Nov. 3, as a party had gathered at the pub to paint the piano in the style of those in Boston. She elaborated on the inspiration behind the piano's appearance at the pub, how the community came together to finance it, and the battle to keep it accessible to everyone. Listen to the audio below.

Keep up with Everyone's Piano on Facebook at facebook.com/everyonespiano. Learn more about Boston and other cities' street piano projects here.


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