Progress Festival Kicks Off the Season at Pinky's Farm

The second in a series of reports on this year's events at Pinky's Farm

Painted Progress Fest sign
Heaton Johnson V Photography
Progress Festival was the first event to bring excited music lovers to Pinky's Farm in Rock Camp, W.V., this year. Performances by musical acts — including M.H. and His Orchestra, Toy Soldiers, and Blacksburg, Va.'s own Boogieburg Soundsystem — made for a melodious weekend of song and dance.

Artistic display was the theme of the festival, both on and off stage. According to festival organizer John Clockwood, "The goal of the festival was to generate an avenue where artists [could] express themselves." 

The Progress Fest sign, which began the weekend as a blank canvas, was soon painted by enthusiastic attendees. "It was so amazing seeing people help out  being responsible for their avenue of expression," Clockwood wrote.

Entrancing moments were a big part of what made the weekend so special. Clockwood shared his favorite.
"Actually, my very favorite part was just after the torrential downpour on Friday night, when the mist from the rain was slowly emanating from the wood on the stage, and blowing away with the cool summer breeze. People thought there were fog machines on stage. The energy was incredible. Everybody was smiling, positive, and happy for the entirety of the weekend."
Proceeds from Progress Fest will go toward making major renovations to the road to Pinky's Farm. A special place that is a second home to many, Pinky's Farm has a rich history and holds a lot of love from the past. Stay tuned for previews of the other events happening at the farm this year, or subscribe and have them sent straight to your inbox.

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